Privacy and Security policy

This site is powered by CorpNote™ - Online Greeting Cards and Online Invitations for Business. To follow is our privacy and security policy. If you are using our site as a Group Plan member, you may want to consult your company's privacy and security policy as it may be different than ours.

Your Privacy

CorpNote regards our Members’ privacy, and the privacy of their eCard recipients, with the utmost respect. We understand the concerns of sharing business and personal data via the internet, and have taken measures to insure that your messages and personal email addresses remain confidential. top

CorpNote will never sell, distribute or make public your personal account information, correspondence or recipient's names and email addresses, unless necessary to comply with legal proceedings, to protect and defend the legal rights or property of CorpNote and its Members, or to enforce CorpNote’s Terms of Use. Your recipient's personal information will remain private, and CorpNote does not use or release your contact information for marketing purposes. top

Site Security

Our site uses a secure Internet connection (SSL) for all credit card transactions, and requires password verification to publicly access any of your personal data.

It is your responsibility to keep your password confidential. Do not give your password to anyone else, and “log out” of your session if you are leaving your computer unattended. CorpNote will automatically terminate your session if you have no site activity for more than 30 minutes. Under no circumstance will CorpNote employees ever ask you to tell them your confidential password. top

What information must Members provide? Why do we collect it?

CorpNote requires that members provide a valid email address, a unique password, a first and last name, and the mailing address that appears on their credit card. We gather this information to insure that:

  1. When you receive a CorpNote, the sender is clearly identified
  2. The credit card being used is valid
  3. No one else can have unauthorized access to your account
  4. CorpNote Members are not sending unsolicited “spam”email, or using the CorpNote service in violation of our Terms of Use

CorpNote may also use this information to notify members of important CorpNote news, inform them of changes in their account status, and to confirm billing transactions. CorpNote’s online E-newsletter, Notable News, will be automatically sent via email to new members, who may easily unsubscribe at any time. CorpNote reserves the right to occasionally mail or email promotional material which pertains directly to the CorpNote brand and service. top

Cookies, Saved content and Tracking website traffic

CorpNote uses “cookies”, which are small text files written to your computer, to verify if you are logged in, and to temporarily save the eCards you create before uploading, and to save various settings which make CorpNote easy to use. Your Internet browser must be set to allow the use of cookies for the CorpNote system to function properly.

Your eCards will be saved on the CorpNote server for 60 days after they are sent, so your recipients have ample time to retrieve them. Your Personal Preferences, Address Book contacts, eCard history and other customizable data will be saved for 60 days after your CorpNote Membership expires, to give you the opportunity to re-join within that time period, and resume using your account without losing your data.

CorpNote also saves server data, or website statistics, which tell us about our site traffic. This data is used for determining how our site is being found, how visitors and members spend time on the site, and how the site is running. top

Ownership and Copyright of website content

It is the responsibility of our Members to attain the rights to any content they send via the CorpNote eCard system, as detailed in our Terms of Use.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this privacy policy. top

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