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Birthday eCards

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Birthday and thank you eCards are the top two occasions on which people send electronic greeting cards. Even though CorpNote primarily focusses on business eCards, many of our customers use our greeting cards for personal use as well. For instance, we offer business Anniversary ecards for celebrating employment anniversaries and for sending to customers. But, we also offer traditional wedding anniversary eCards that can be used for friends and family. The same is true for our thank you eCards. While all of our thank you cards can be used for business they can also be used for personal occasions.


Seasons Greetings

Boss's Day  |  Thanksgiving  |  Season's Greetings  |  Christmas  |  New Years  |  Valentine's Day  |  St. Patrick's Day  

It's almost holiday time - are you ready? It's never too early or too late to send a CorpNote holiday greeting card. While the winter holidays tend to be our most popular (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Season's Greetings and New Year's), our customer's also send greetings for many other holidays as well. Our second busiest time of year is Valentine's Day, where many of our cards focus on the concept of "we love having you as a customer."

If you are new to holiday eCards, check out our complete guide: Everything you ever wanted to know about sending Seasons Greetings and Holiday eCards. Topics include the best time to send Holiday eCards, the difference between still and animated eCards, and how to post eCards in Social Media like Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+.

Browse samples of our eCards by clicking on any of the categories above. If you would like to see even more design samples, check out our free eCard page where you can send yourself a sample card. (If you want to use CorpNote to send your card, but already have a picture that you would like to use as your design, CorpNote even lets you upload up to 36 of your own images.)

Business Applications

Online Invitations

Event Planning  |  Online Surveys / Polls  |  Employee Recognition

CorpNote is built for business and is an advertising free solution that you can customize with your company logo and colors. Our online invitations and surveys are all seamlessly tied into our eCard delivery system, and our online address book makes it easy to plan, launch and follow up successful online campaigns.

With thousands of satisfied customers, we've seen many innovative ways to use eCards to grow a business. From trade show invitations and event management, to customer service surveys, to employee recognition, CorpNote makes it quick and easy. All of CorpNote's built in features allow you to view results in real time and create helpful reports to analyze your success.

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