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Get answers to our customer's most popular questions including how to use the website, privacy, security, spam and email deliverability. You can search our Frequently Asked Questions by keyword or narrow your search by selecting a subject using the Categories list below:

Top 10 Most Popular FAQs

  1. Can a larger corporation/company join CorpNote with a Single-User Membership?
  2. What is CorpNote's satisfaction money-back guarantee?
  3. Why can't I receive eCards sent to myself or to other people in my company?
  4. Can I sign up for just one month to send holiday eCards?
  5. Can I upload my own eCard designs?
  6. Is there a minimum sign-up period, or a minimum number of months, that I have to pay for membership?
  7. How do I create an online invitation?
  8. Can the CorpNote system look like my website?
  9. What is the cost per eCard, invitation, or survey?
  10. Can I download my event guest list into MS Excel format?

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