Tutorials - Address Book - Unsubscribe/Subscribe for eCard Recipients

eCard recipients can unsubscribe and subscribe from your address book.

Each eCard you send has a 'Manage Your Email Preferences' link. eCard recipients can select to unsubscribe or subscribe to your eCard list and your CorpNote address book is automatically updated.

To view your list of unsubscribed contacts, go to
My Account > Address Book and click on the button to the right that says "Unsubscribed List."

If the eCard recipient clicks to unsubscribe on an eCard that is older than 60 days, they will see the following message "You may contact the sender with your preferences by clicking 'reply' to the email notice you received."

Even if your membership lapses or you have cancelled your membership, eCard recipients can still unsubscribe from your address book list.

If you delete an email address or add an email address for someone who has selected to unsubscribe, their preference will still appear in your address book.

If an eCard email notice is forwarded and the person clicks on the 'Manage Your Email Preferences' link, they can subscribe to your email list. They will see the original recipient's email address but they can change it to their own without affecting the original person's email preferences. You will see the people that have signed up through email forwarding on your 'My Account' page.

If a person subscribes and they are not in your address book, you will see these people on your 'My Account' page and you can add these people to your address book or delete them.

Sending eCards

Whether you are sending an eCard through CorpNote or our mobile app QuickSend, you will be notified of the people that have 'unsubscribed' from your list and that your eCard cannot be sent to that person.

If you select to use your address book to compile your send list, people who have unsubscribed are identified and they cannot be selected for the send list.

If you select to send your eCard to groups, anyone unsubscribed in that group will NOT be added to the send list.

CorpNote Company Plan Administrators

Multi-User Plan administrators can send eCards to their plan members regardless of whether their plan members have unsubscribed from their administrator's email list.

If you need additional help, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions or complete our Priority Email Support Form.

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