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Billing & Password

You can access your Billing & Password options by going to My Account > Billing & Password. If you are a multi-plan administrator, please also visit that section of our tutorials which covers the additional information available to you.

Change Password

Passwords must contain: One lowercase letter, one number and one special character (Except '#'- you cannot use the pound sign). Passwords must be between 7-15 characters long. Example: AbCDE7$

Billing Information

For single-user members and multi-user administrators, the billing information tab provides your next billing date and the ability to change your billing contact information. You can also easily change your credit card information to be used on your next billing date. (see an example)

Multi-User plan members will see the name and contact information of their Administrator. (see an example)


If you are a single-user or a multi-user administrator, you can view and print invoices. (see an example)

Plan Options

Single-User members can upgrade their account to include a custom interface or convert to a multi-user plan at any time. As soon as you "upgrade," you will have all available options for the membership type you choose.

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If you need additional help, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions or complete our Priority Email Support Form.

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