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Multi-User Plan Administrators have the ability to make the CorpNote web site look like their own. To access this feature, go to My Account > Customize Logo & Colors. There are 3 ways you can customize our system to complement your web site or brand identity.

Custom Interface

Message & Greeting Card

Email Invitation

Upload your own logo & graphics, and choose the colors used throughout the site to match your company's visual brand identity.

In the custom footer, you can add links to your web site, such as "About Us", "Privacy", "Terms", "Contact Us" and your company's address and phone numbers.

Every time your members sign in to the CorpNote system, they will see a 'welcome' screen that you can customize. This is a great way to post important messages, have invitations to company events, survey your employees/agents.

You can customize the Email Invitation that will be sent to your eCard recipients in two ways:

1. Add a banner graphic (600 x 60 px.)

2. Add a text message

If you need additional help, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions or complete our Priority Email Support Form.

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