Tutorials - Address and Schedule Your eCard

Most people send their CorpNote eCards by using their address book or manually copying and pasting their recipients email addresses as described in the tutorial below. If you are looking for other ways of sharing your eCards, view our direct link tutorial or our social media eCards tutorial.

Sending your eCard:

  1. Add Recipients to Address List
  2. Email Format Options
  3. Send or Schedule your eCard

Add Recipients to Address List

You can send eCards one at a time, or to up to 250 recipients at once.

If you have several thousand eCards to send, follow these steps. Send your eCard to the first 250 recipients. Every time you send or schedule an eCard, CorpNote will ask you, "What do you want to do now?" Select the 'Copy Card' option, and you will have an exact duplicate of your eCard ready to address to the next 250 people on your list. Repeat as needed. You could also create an eCard template instead of the 'Copy Card' option.

Add recipient's to the send list using any of the following methods:

1. Add Recipients Individually

2. Add Recipients using your online Address Book

3. Add Recipients assigned to Address Book Groups

Groups allow you to easily address an eCard to many people. To create a Group, you must first add your contacts to your address book. (see the creating groups tutorial)

Using Autofill to display the first names of your card recipients:

CorpNote allows you to automatically fill in the first names of card recipients using our Name Autofill feature. If you selected the Autofill option in the Greeting section of the compose screen, you can use any of the above three methods to enter your email addresses.

Email Format Options

CorpNote gives users a choice of two different methods for delivering and displaying eCards:

Click here to view a detailed description of the differences between
"Display in Browser" and Display in Email Inbox" email options.

Once you have decided which type of eCard delivery/display you want to use to send your eCard, you will make a selection in the "Email Format" box on the Address & Schedule screen shown below:

1. You must select either "Display in Browser" or "Display in Email Inbox". The default is pre-selected to "Display in Browser."

2. Subject Line

The subject line is required, and it is the text your recipient sees when your eCard appears in their email inbox. Subject lines are limited to 80 characters, but brief is better. You want to make sure your recipient opens your message, so creating an effective subject line is very important.

3. Email Message (This option only appears if you have selected 'Display in Browser' as your Email Format.)

This text will appear next to the thumbnail image of your eCard picture when your recipients view their notification email. It is also the first line of text that will appear in the body of the email message for people who are viewing email on a mobile device or email client that previews the first line of the email content. Since this is the first thing many people will see, this text can significantly improve the click-through rate for people viewing the full text of your eCard. It can also be useful to let them know, in the case of an invitation or survey, that you require their response.

Here is an example of a good Email Message with a call to action:

Customer Care follow up - contact info and satisfaction survey link enclosed...

Technical requirements of the Email Message:

See an example of how the Subject Line and Email Message appear to your eCard recipients.

Send or Schedule your eCard

You can send your eCard immediately, or you can schedule a delivery date any day in the future.

Send Now is the default option. Click the 'Send Card' button and your eCard will be delivered immediately.
(NOTE: larger Send Lists take longer to send. Click the button only once.)

If you want to Select a Date in the future, then click on the small calendar icon to reveal the scheduling calendar. Choose your date and click the Send Card button to schedule delivery.

Scheduled cards can be viewed by going to eCards > Saved/Scheduled. You can edit the card or change the delivery date any time before the eCard is sent.

If you need additional help, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions or complete our Priority Email Support Form.

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