Tutorials - Creating an eCard or Invitation

Our online invitation manager enables event eCard invitations to be sent with rsvp response tracking.

Create an eCard or invitation either by selecting eCards > Create New in the navigation, or by accessing your eCard History and selecting one of your saved or sent eCards.

There are three steps to creating an eCard or invitation.

Step 1. Choose an eCard Design

Search for eCards by keyword or choose from any of the pull down menus for occasions, holidays, blank cards, or stationery sets.

You can also select an eCard design from your 'Favorites' or from your own custom eCard designs. Learn more about eCard Designs.

Step 2. Compose your eCard Message

Write your message using our text editor and choose from various font styles and colors and add a signature and logo. Make any eCard into an Online Invitation and/or Online Survey. You are able to preview your eCard in real-time as you are creating it. Learn more about composing your Message.

Step 3. Send your eCard

Enter an email address, access your address book, or select a pre-defined Group you have set in your address book. You can customize your eCard email notification subject line. Send the eCard now, choose a send date, or 'save' the eCard and come back to it later. Learn more about sending eCards.

The above example is a 'linear' approach to creating an eCard or invitation but you can create an eCard in any order. Click the Design, Compose, or Send buttons at the top of the screen under the navigation to move to the different components to creating your eCard.

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