Tutorials - Sent eCards History and eCard Tracking

To view the eCards you have sent in the last 60 days, go to eCards › Sent Cards. You will see who picked up the eCard and when.

Sent eCards History and eCard Tracking

Tracking your Sent eCards

To view the pickup detail of any sent eCard, click the ’View Card’ button next to a card you have sent. You will see who viewed your eCard, and who did not pick up your eCard. CorpNote displays the following tracking information for each eCard you send:

Sent eCard Follow Ups: "Send a copy of this card to..."

When you are viewing a Sent eCard, you can easily send a follow up eCard by selecting from the following 'Send a copy of this card to' options in the drop-down list:

Important Notes:

CorpNote saves the history of sent cards for 60 days, as explained in our privacy statement. But there is one exception to this rule... If you use our online Address Book, and send your cards using those address book contacts, then you can always view a complete history of all cards sent to that person. This feature is called "Archives" and you can get to it by selecting an individual contact in your address book and clicking the View Archives button below the individual's Contact Information.

Address Book contacts and archives are kept indefinitely, as long as your CorpNote membership remains current. If you let your membership lapse for more than 60 days, all of your private account information will be deleted for privacy and storage reasons.

Once sent, an eCard cannot be edited, so please proofread your message before you send your card!

If you use the drop-down list to select one of the above "Send a copy..." options, your browser should redirect you to the copy of the card where you can start editing your message. On some browsers or computers (e.g. Macintosh) you may remain on the same page after making this selection. You will need to navigate to eCards > Saved Cards, where you will find the copy of your copy and can continue editing.

If you need additional help, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions or complete our Priority Email Support Form.

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