Tutorials - Favorite Styles (for eCards, Invitations and Surveys)

eCard favorite styles

You can access your Favorite Styles by clicking on the navigation (My Account > Favorite Styles) at the top of any screen.

The left side of the screen looks like the compose eCard screen, in which you can change the color of the eCard background, border, and text as well as add signature items. All of the items you select on this page can be set as your default for each new eCard you create.

Favorite Card Style:
Choose the text font face, size, and color. You can also set the background color of the entire eCard as well as the frame that surrounds the card in the card style box.

If you want these choices to be your default for each new eCard, check the box that says 'Use these styles for all new cards.' If you do not check this box, you can still use these pre-defined styles when creating your eCard. On the compose screen, check the box that says 'Use Favorites' and your default styles will automatically appear on the eCard.

Choose what signature items you would like to be checked by default on each new eCard you create. You have the option to make your signature appear smaller that the text of the message on your eCards by checking the box that says 'make smaller.'

Compose Options:
Choose what sections you would like to appear as 'opened' when you create or modify your eCards. For instance, if you don't send many online invitations or online surveys, you may want to leave the EZ RSVP Invitation Tracker and/or Online Survey Section closed and only open it when you need it.

Email Format:
Choose the default email format for each new eCard. This will be your default but you can change this for each individual card on the 'Address and Send' screen at any time.

If you need additional help, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions or complete our Priority Email Support Form.

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