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Our online survey manager lets you manage your survey responses.

You can access your survey responses by going to the navigation and selecting Surveys > Manage Responses. Click the 'Responses' button next to the survey in which you want to add or view responses.

If the button says 'No Responses', you can still click it and manually add a response. This comes in handy if someone calls or faxes their survey response.

Manage Response Information

Survey Reports

You can view responses on an individual or aggregate basis. Click the 'Responses' button next to the survey for which you want to view responses. (See example)

You will see a report of all responses to your survey. (See example)

You can then print or download your report by selecting the 'Print These Results,' 'Download Excel Aggregate Results' or 'Download Excel Individual Results' in the drop down list in the top right. When you choose an option, you will be provided with an MS Excel compatible spreadsheet that you can save to your computer.

Report options are also available on the main Online Surveys page.

If you need additional help, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions or complete our Priority Email Support Form.

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